Marvel Precision- The Best 1911 22lr Conversion in the World!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Will the Marvel Conversion Unit fit the Colt Model 1991-A1 45 caliber pistol, the Kimber Gold Match, and the Eclipse Custom II?
A) Yes, our Marvel Conversion Unit will fit. Our Conversion Units will fit most
1911 configuration frames. They are designed to fit 1911's manufactured to original military specifications.  The Conversion Unit will fit the STI, Para Ord/ Para USA, STI
Wide Body and the Para Ord/ Para USA Wide Body. 
We do have many customers that have our Conversion Unit on their Les Bear, 
but there are times when our Conversion Unit will not work.
Q) Should the Marvel Unit fit tightly on to my frame rails?
A) No, the slide should move freely on the frame to allow smooth and reliable function.  The barrel should be locked against the slide stop by tightening the guide rod.
Q) Does our Conversion Unit use its own feed ramp?
A) Yes, our Conversion Unit uses it own feed ramp.
Q) Is the Marvel Conversion Unit available in Stainless? 
A) Our Marvel Conversion comes standard in the black matte finish but our custom shop offers Cerakote services for optional colors and patterns.
Q) Do the compensators match the Marvel Conversion Unit? 
A) Yes, our compensators come in the black matte finish.
Q) Do the compensators come with the Conversion Unit?
A) No, our Compensators, which are available in Aluminum and Steel can be
purchased as an accessory.
Q) Would a Colt Gold Cup classify as a Government model?
A) Yes, it has a Government length slide.
Q) Does Marvel Precision offer a threaded barrel to accommodate a suppressor?
A) Yes, Marvel Precision offers threaded barrels with our Unit 1 and Unit 2 for a suppressor. The threading on our barrel is ½ x 28 tpi.
Q) Does the Marvel Conversion have a last shot, lock open feature?
A) The Unit 1 is available in Lock-back and Non Lock-back models, the Unit 2 does not lock back.
Q) What type of sights does Marvel Precision put on their Adjustable Target Sight Unit?
A) Our sights are a Bo-Mar style.
Q)How many magazines come with the Conversion Unit?
A) One poly magazine is included with our Conversion Unit and more can be purchased through us.

Q)How many rounds will a magazine hold?
A) Our magazines hold 10 rounds.
Q) What is the length of our barrel?
A) Our Unit 1 barrels are 5.3" and the length of our Unit 2 "The Practical" is 4.8"
Our magazines are made of polymer and steel.
Our slides are made of aluminum on the Unit 2 and aluminum or steel on our Unit 1.  Both Units have hardened steel breech inserts and Match Grade barrels.  The slide stops and guide rods are made of steel.